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26 July 2009 @ 02:15 pm
IDF Femslash Feedback Post  

For this year's International Day of Femslash, I took part in a Feedback-a-thon at idof_feedback. I pledged 100 pieces of feedback, and all the feedback was done as comments to entries on livejournal. And yes, it's mostly Otalia, 'cause I'm obsessed, yo!

Fanfic - Guiding Light - Mostly Olivia/Natalia, but some Doris/Blake:
1. Random Acts of Domestic Hotness 10 - Swing for the Fences by rocketchick
2. Consequences pt2 by ojos11
3. Crossroads pt16 by wonkots42
4. Musings on a Desk by kissmychakram
5. The Easy Life pt6 by doubleyoo2
6. Toccata pt4B by brighteyedcat
7. Hide Beside Me pt23 by seftiri
8. Consequences pt4 by ojos11
9. Best of Enemies by fewthistle
10. Crossroadrs pt18 by wonkots42
11. Nat and Olivia's Day of Love OR The Worst Fan Fic Ever by bronzeashtray
12. A Mystery Solved by wonkots42
13. The Easy Life pt15 by doubleyoo2
14. Consequences pt6 by ojos11
15. Lemon Grass Love pt2 by still_nina
16. Special Occasion by still_nina
17. 3 Times Olivia Spencer Is Sure That Natalia Rivera Has The Devil In Her by ripptyd
18. Crossroads pt19 by wonkots42
19. Olivia And Natalia Get A Surprise by uselessmarks
20. Tired of Waiting, Olivia by loxodontack
21. Life and Breath pt2 by altfic
22. No More Waiting pt1 by calliopes_muse
23. Life and Breath pt3 by altfic
24. Life and Breath pt4 by altfic
25. Hit And Miss by wicked_joy
26. Life and Breath pt6 by altfic
27. Hide Beside Me pt25 by seftiri
28. Consequences pt9 by ojos11
29. Life and Breath pt7 by altfic
30. All Bets Are Off by wonkots42
31. A Study in Curiosity and Satisfaction by ladyvictory
32. Life and Breath pt8 by altfic
33. A Cold Wind Blows pt2 by goldrun15
34. More Than You Know by serenitymeimei
35. Now and Then by jaina47
36. The Real Thing by purplepapillon
37. Verisimilitude in Fiction pt1 by wonkots42
38. A Cold Wind Blows pt4 by goldrun15
39. If Reva Shayne Shows Up by ralst
40. Clips and Coffee by meatisadelicacy
41. A Cold Wind Blows pt5 by goldrun15
42. Random Acts of Domestic Hotness 11 - Taking Leave by rocketchick
43. The Curiosity Shop by kissmychakram
44. Not Bad At All by serenitymeimei
45. Life and Breath pt9 by altfic
46. Not Dating by wonkots42
47. Power Bottom by ladyvictory
48. The End Of That by gilligankane
49. Life and Breath pt12 by altfic
50. Confidantes by wonkots42
51. The End of Her World by jaina47
52. Where You Belong pt2 by suzotchka67
53. Hide Beside Me pt26 by seftiri
54. Five Times Rafe Wanted to Say "I'm Sorry" But Didn't by rocketchick
55. Frank Cooper - God's Gift to Lesbians Everywhere by wonkots42
56. No More Euphemisms by wicked_joy
57. Pride by purplepapillon
58. Fireworks by ladyvictory
59. Three Times Olivia Really Needed a Martini by fewthistle
60. The Sick Rose by wonkots42
61. The Five Worst Dates Olivia and Natalia Ever Had by uselessmarks
62. Crossroads pt24 by wonkots42
63. How Three People Found Out About Olivia and Natalia by fewthistle
64. Sons and Mothers pt1 by still_nina
65. Coming Undone by seftiri
66. Bob & Emily & Dick & Joanna by seftiri
67. Filling in the Gaps by tinnakaren
68. Drowning Out the Noise by tinnakaren
69. The End of Her World pt2 by jaina47
70. What Comes Around, Goes by gilligankane
71. A Taste of Things to Come by geekgrrllurking
72. Five Times Natalia Wanted to Say 'I Love You' But Didn't by laughsunshine
73. Random Acts of Domestic Hotness 3b - Something Borrowed by rocketchick
74. Whither Thou Goest pt6 by geekgrrllurking
75. Life and Breath pt 15 by altfic
76. Get The Kid A Prize by gilligankane
77. Favor by still_nina
78. Four Times Olivia Lets Natalia Take Control by gilligankane
79. Crossroads pt25 by wonkots42
80. Road Trip to Heaven pt1 by vesla123
81. The Panic Attack by meatisadelicacy
82. Sons and Mothers pt2 by still_nina
83. Uncomplicating by still_nina
84. The Innocent Bystander by gilligankane
85. The Courtship of Emma's Mother pt18 by daxilla
86. The Five Best Dates Olivia and Natalia Ever Had by sammysam
87. Life and Breath pt16 by altfic
88. An iTunes Five by fewthistle
89. Clue by Four by geekgrrllurking
90. The End of Her World pt3 by jaina47
91. And You'll Kiss Me In Your Living Room by gilligankane
92. Hat Trick by darandkerry

Fanfic - Other Pairings:
93. The One Office Affair by babydykecate - Better Off Ted, Veronica/Linda
94. A Failsafe by rules1through8 - Bring It On, Torrance/Missy
95. Solitudes by dhamphir - Stargate SG-1, Sam/Janet
96. Dessert Delayed by geonncannon - Stargate SG-1, Sam/Janet
97. Vampirism is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have without Taking Her Clothes Off by jaspreetpink - Buffyverse, Darla/Drusilla

Vids - Guiding Light - Otalia:
98. First Time by ragazzaazzurra
99. Let's Get Physical by ragazzaazzurra
100. Imagination by ragazzaazzurra